Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Dear friends 
We are getting quieries about the case on pension for who served less than 20 years and came out on svr option, from our members who are benefited by the decision of the Sup. Court on the cases we fought under the individual names of 6 people. 
The position is clearly given downbelow.
We have won the case in Supreme Court in 2014 and the basic case petitioners from Chandigarh got the pension but the members from Chennai who got in to the case as interveners did not get the same because of the stand taken by the management in this issue, to get order from the High court directing them to pay. 
In the meanwhile many members wanted the Association to take up the issue and consequent upon taking the issue the management insisted an order in the name of the Association so that they can pay all the affected retirees. Hence we took up that issue in the Madras High court hoping to get an order at the earliest as it is a matter of a days hearing after notice to the Management. But unfortunately the because of the less number of judges in Madras High Court due to the large number of retirements and there was no fresh appointment because of the NJAC decision, 
We are moving hell and heaven to get the case listed and every time it is listed it is not reaching the hearing stage. Now that in theHigh court more judges are retiring we are not able to bring the case as we wish. Please wait for some time and it is expected that by March 16 judges will be appointed and we expect the case to come up and we will get the order immedietely. 
Friends, please remember the team here in Chennai is fully aware of the difficulties of the reitirees and their anxiety. We are constantly following it up. We will succeed and come back to you at the earliest. 
Like wise, we are also trying to get in to the cases of Dev. Officers for their 5 years notional credit and will be able to come back once a concrete step is taken. 

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