Tuesday, January 19, 2016

dear friends,

There were lot of queries from members about the position of our case at Madurai.
we were only waiting for something to improve and it takes longer duration to get some action done in any of theHigh Courts in India. The worst affected by the increasing vacancies of the Judges and non appointment of the same is Chennai High Court. Out of aroung 70 judges only around 32 are there and out of these judges 8 judges are going to Madurai bench on rotation. Hence threre is much of a delay in disposing cases. The courts are concentrating only on admissions. And to bring cases before courts for trial is nil in numbers. Even writs for impleading are not taken by the Courts
We are trying our maximum to get our case listed but even when listed it is not heard by judges since admission cases are more in numbers and by that time they finish admissions there is no time for trial cases. 
While the above is the position in courts we are unable to get our work done and maximum patience and constant followup is necessary for moving our cases. 
Let me come to the present status of our cases in Madurai. 
The first case is for 5 years notional credit and the second one is for pension updation and that is before Division Bench .In the first one, for 5 years notional credit, since in Madras High court the delay is unlimited we decided to take our case to the Madurai Bench of the Madras High court and we filed four petitions by individuals from 4 companies, the reason being the Association has no jurisdiction. We got order from the Court asking the management to consider our demand after personal hearing. As directed by the Court the Management called the four employees and after discussion gave an order in writing that they will not be able to pay the 5 yrs notional credit. 
So we went again to the Madurai Court and filed a petition for the four employees and the court gave 4 weeks time to the management to file the counter. In the mean while we wanted to implead in the case so as to get the benefit to all the emplplyees. The impleading petition of the Associtation was admitted on 8th of January 2016. 
Now the procedures are fininshed we are expecting the court to give a date for hearing, when we will get some order. 
I feel you would have understood the position by now about the 5 yrs ntional credit case at Madurai. 

The second one is for the long term benefit of the pensioners and it is pending the Division Bench of the Madurai Court. and it may come for hearing this month. and we are prepating ourselves for the trial. 

Friends, for all these thing we had to visit Madurai court for more than 8 times and the expenses are increasing which includes the payment of fees to the Advocates. Now we have reached a stage where we are not able to meet the expenses as our financial position is very weak we are now appealing to all the members to contribute liberally and requesting you to pay the subscription dues immedietely and otherwise we will get struck and may have to leave the fight. Please understand that we have spent much of the money from subscription which is against the provisions of the Act under which we have registerd our Association .

Please do understand and contiribute to your local representatives so that they will collect in total and send us the money. 

We will be also touring your places to explain you in detail so that all doubts can be clarified. 

Speciaically i will plead with those people who are going to be benefited by the 5 yrs notional credit to contribute more so as to keep the fight in court moving and find a decision. 

with regards


DR.LAXMAN PRASAD Gupta said...

Pl.inform the bank details for remitting contribution for case by NIFT.

Kamalakannan S said...

Dear friends,
In LIC pensioners' case for updation of pension the was listed on 21st and the bench did not sit that day and we do not know when they will take the case, we suffered like this when we went to supreme court and now it is the turn of the pensioners from LIC. The man who is spearheading the case is more than 70 years old and has heart problem but relentlessly fighting for the pensioners in LIC, there is criticism about him and people are commenting on his approach but at least he could be rest assured that atleast the DA portion of the pensioners retired before 96 will come. Still he is facing criticism and when I met him he gave me very nice advice and that is only that is keeping me going with the fight. He said the winners have more takers but losers none. He asked me not to worry about the fight and to continue till the natural end comes. He is also facing financial crisis. But the majority of the members are with him and giving him the moral and financial support.
friends, you all may wonder why I am elaborately explaining the LIC pensioners plight. Yes, the same thing is happening here but only with a difference that we have finished the tension and never ending wait at Supreme Court and restarted our fight at High Court. Here also majority of the members are with the leadership and we also get healthy criticism. Whenever the leadership is accused of letting the members down I remember the words of the Old man and it makes me go unperturbed with the fight.
You all should understand that the management is now guided by a few individuals who has no heart and thinking that they are doing justice to their post, not willing to hear our genuine grievances. Every time we are forced to go to Court for direction and no letter or our personal visits are responded with. Unions and Officers Associations are speaking with double standards. Example of one incident I will narrate here with reliable information from one of the participants.
In the joint meeting of the recently concluded talks, one more option to PF optees for pension was mentioned by one of the Officers Associations for consideration and when the ministry representative asked whether it is the joint demand all the others said in the negative and that led to individual meeting and there the management and the ministry clearly denied that the demand cannot be me unless the demand is unanimous. To our surprise we saw the unions and Association of officers sending circular that the management will consider the same after the wage negotiation. This is the 3 rd negotiation after the original demand for another option to pension. This is the attitude of management and unions.
With all these impediments our association has to work from the beginning. Now is the time all the members should be with us.
Let me assure you on my behalf and on behalf of the Office bearers and executive committee members that we place every step with utmost caution and only with a single point motive to get the benfit to our members and in general pensioners of the General insurance industry. Please wait and the Almighty will help us in all our endeavours in fighting with the management.
I only expressed whatever i thought of discussing with each one of you. Last but not the least I request you all to acknowledge or criticise our actions either through mail or by phone. Only this will keep you going.
with regards

Dr L P GUPTA said...

LIC HO has issued a circular dated 14.01.2016 allowing pensioners of LIC monthly deduction of mediclaim premium from financial year 2016-17 & has asked them consent letter for the same. It is a good facility & our associations should also take up with management of General Insurance companies to extend same facility for general insurance Pensioners from financial year 2016-17.