Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dear Friends,
We are a step forward in our continuous struggle to get the benefit of 5 years notional credit to our pensioners. The Management has now asked the Four Petitioners for whom we filed petitions in Madurai Bench of Madras High Court and the Court has ordered the management has directed the Management to call the petitioners and give them a personal hearing before passing any order on the above subject.
Accordingly The Management has called all the four Petitioners to United India Head Office on  the 8 of September 2015 for a personal hearing.
Moreover the 4 months time the management sought at the time of the hearing of the petition will be over by 13th of Septemeber 2015. We should be ready for the further course of action in this regard.
Our Association has also demanded a hearing on the same day and awaiting their response.
Let us all pray for the good response and also ready for a further fight. We are sure if the response is negative then we should prepare for a long legal struggle to get the benefit.
Be ready for any eventuality.
with regards


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Dear friends,
Our Association is spearheading the fight for justice on the Pensioners issue with utmost sincerity and so far we have achieved many things but our main issue of  arrears of pension has been rejected by the Sup.court on an erroneous ground which is to our advantage. So the fight is not yet over and we have chances of getting the case back to Sup.court is more and we are trying for it through the Madurai High court of Madras Bench. Now we are waiting for the action taken report from the Management for which the Court has given time till September.
Many people were down in their morale since the verdict of the Sup.court has gone against us. Please do not let your morale down because we are sure of getting the benefit of 5 years notional credit but also we will have a chance of ourselves heard before the Apex Court. We should never let our morale down since your support is the only boost for the Association whose Office bearers and Executive Committee members are tirelessly working for the end result.
We should never leave any stone un-turned till we get the favorable result.
Another fight we have taken to Court is the permanent cure for the pensioners' problem, which is pension updation for all. L I C pensioners are ahead of us and they have taken it to Sup.Court under the able leadership of Shri Asthana and it is coming up for final hearing in September Third Week. No other Pensioners Association has taken the task of getting the pension updation in our General Insurance Industry but for us. With a loud thinking we filed a case in Madurai and the case is now in the Division Bench waiting to be heard.
We are waiting for the case of LIC which will have bearing on our case and if LIC wins we have the right to ask for the pension updation thru court forcing the management to pay us.
We are taking all decisions only after due consultation with our Executive Committee and taking sincere advises from the learned counsels and retired judges.
We only need your support in our endeavor to fight for the just cause for pensioners.
Win or loose we will fight till end.
Our only appeal to all of you is wait with patience and do not loose heart. Also support us with finance
as the cost of fighting the cases is exorbitant but we have no other way since the Management and the unions are not supporting us.
Please pay your uptodate subscriptions and donate liberally for the Association.
with regards


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Dear friends,
sorry for not conveying immedietely the news about the case we filed at Madurai for the benefit of members who have retired putting less than 33 years of service.

We had discussions at our Executive committee meeting in chennai and finallised the plan for future course of action in our case after the Review petition was dismissed by The Apex court. 
First and fore most we have met the CMD's of the Four compnies and have given them the letter requesting them to honour the decision of the Supreme Court by paying the 5 years notional credit to all those eligible pensioners with arrears. Four teams met the CMDs at their Head Office and gave them the letter from our Association. 
In the next step we have filed a petition at Madurai branch of High Court of Madras pettiions for honouring the Supreme court order asking the management to come with their reply. on 23rd of this month. The court gave notice to the Companies to be present on 27th at the Court for giving order on the petitions files by our members. 
On 27th the court gave orders to the management to come with a reply, on the payment of 5 years notional credit, giving 4 months time.
We are waiting for the order copy and once it reached we will despatch the same to the management from our side through our Advocate. 
We may have to wait up to 4 months,for further action in this matter. 
We are also consulting the expert counsels for proceeding further in the dismissed Review petition. 
with regards and solicit your support and co operation in the above matter.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Dear Friends,
Our Review Petition is listed for ciculation in the Chambers of judges on 7th April.
at 1.45pm. The judges will decide whether to review or dismiss. Let us all pray  God for the good result.
with regards

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dear Friends,                                                                                                 DATE: 23-03-15

Thank you all for honoring us with your huge presence in the General Body meeting on 7th of March 2015, at 4 P.M.

The meeting started with a Prayer song by Smt. Saraswathi Murali,

Shri V.Vijayakumar our Vice-president welcomed our Chief Guest Shri. Muthu Kumarasamy.,IAS and also the gathering. Our President Shri. V.Ravishankar,  elaborated in his address about the hard work done by the Association Office bearers and Executive committee members during the past 10 years and expressed his disbelief in the result of the Supreme court Case and he sincerely felt that we should have been rewarded with a success.

Dr.E.Rajgopalan our joint Secretary, introduced our Chief Guest. Shri.Muthukumarasamy IAS and invited him for his address. Our Chief Guest dwelt about the sincerity we should show in our work by spelling out the happening in his career as an official in the State Government and wished us success in our endeavour.

After the Chief Guest’s speech, our Treasurer Shri.M.K.Murali presented the Accounts for the year 2012-2013 and 2013-2014. With the appreciation from all the office bearers and members for his tireless work in maintaining the accounts, with a voice vote it was endorsed in the meeting.

Then Our General Secretary spoke about the complete events during the years that went by and explained the manner with which he worked, with the co-operation of all the Office-bearers and Executive Members, to bring the Case to a finality and appreciated the Counsels who argued for us, namely Shri.DayanKrishnan, Shri.GouthamNarayan, Shri. Parthiban and Shri.Giri, the senior counsel. Finally he concluded his speech with a note that there is still a ray of light which can bring good result in the Review Petition filed on 2nd Feb, 2015. The General Secretary also referred about the Madurai Pension up-dation Case, as the only solution to the pensioners.

Dr.E.Rajagopalan, the Joint Secretary spoke elaborately about the other activities the Association has taken up and succeeded. viz., a)Cashless settlement in Mediclaim and one more option for those who are left out, b) inclusion of independent children, c) momento for retirees in United India d) 5 years notional credit for the Dev.Officers. e) Pension for those who went on SVRS with less than 20 years service and concluded his speech with an appeal to contribute for the legal fund to fight the Review Petition.   

The podium was left to the members and delegates for interaction and was well participated by the following members namely Mr.Radhakrishnan E.C.member, Mr. Venkatkrishna Bangalore, Mr.SamanthRoy Bhubaneswar, Mr.Yadav, Nagpur, Mr. Kadaloya Nagpur, Mr.Kulkarni, Hubli., and Mr.Srikanth, OIC.

Our Chair person Shri.A.G.Gajapathy, answered all the quieries raised by the participants and narrated the case, how it was built and argued and what are the main points we have stressed in the argument and also in the Submissions to the Court, in such a fashion that there was pin drop silence in the hall and every one were satisfied with the speech and appreciated our efforts and pleaded for the continuance of the service to the Pensioners.

The meeting ended with the Thanks giving note by Shri.S.Ponraj, our Working President and a high Tea.

Friends, in any fight there should a winner and a loser, but in our case neither we have lost not we have won, so let us continue our fight and see it to the last. We hope we will succeed finally and never mind the loss now.

March ahead and there are many things to fight for the Pensioners and one among them is our Madurai case which was heard on 18th of March 15. Our Counsels have done their best with our contribution to them in materials and facts. We hope to win and if we win it does not stop at that but we may have to pursue it to the natural end at Supreme court. Be prepared for a further struggle. We are not going to give up till we succeed.

With regards



Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dear friends,
To the best of my knowledge none of the unions or Association of officers have demanded for pension updation in our industry. We took up the cause for discussion and wrote several letters to the Management but as usual they did not bother even to reply. 

We took a conscious decision to file a case in the Madurai bench of Madras High court and did the same in 2011. Some of our colleagues have filed a case in Jodhpur and Jaipur bench of Rajasthan High court. But that did not come up so far for hearing. 

We got our case taken up for trial and the arguments are over on 18th of this March 15. and the judgement was reserved. we expect the judgement in a few months.

The LIC pensioners under the leadership of Shri Asthana got the case up to Supreme court and is adjouned 4 times because of the delaying tactics of the Management and is now posted for hearing 25th march.
let us hope for the best in both the cases and we should continue to fight for a permanent solution and your co-operation is solicited. 

With full enthusiasm our members attended the General body meeting of our Association on 7 th of this month. and delegates from other states also participated other than the local members with the delegates from the Tamil nadu districts and with their assurance of full co-operation for our fight in the Supreme Court and also for the Maduari High Court case, we dispersed on a high note to fight for the rights of the Pensioners in the General insurance industry. 

with regards