Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dear friends,
After the meeting with the Management representatives, at chennai, which was attended by all the GM personal of the companies and also representatives from GIPSA and Ministry, the management has given the order not to pay the difference in pension due to the notional credit of 5 years. 

As decided earlier by our EC we filed a WP at Madurai praying for an order from the Hon'ble Court directing the management to give the pension after duly adding the 5 years notional credit to all those eligible people.

 That WP came up for hearing on 28th and after 15 minutes of explanation by our Counsel the Hon'ble Judge admitted the petition and sent notice to management, returnable within 4 weeks. 
We pleaded with the Hon'ble Justice for private serving of the notice and that was also agreed by the Court. 

As follow up we have sent notice to all the respondent companies to day.

we have spent lot of money and the present financial situation is very demanding and we have to request all of you to send your subscription dues and any legal fund due through the unit representatives and ease the situation. Before the case come up for final hearing at Madurai in November, we would request all of you to pay the due subscription and legal fund.

The above act of yours will ease our financial difficulty. 

with regards


Anonymous said...

Sir my father is suffering a lot pension is not sufficient his pension will increase

Anonymous said...

What is the number of our case at Madurai high court

Kamalakannan S said...

Chennai News :-
Dear friends,
we should see the positive side of everything and we found humanism in the worst affected city of chennai people who were in the midst of water without food and other necessities, when approached guided us to the more affected people in their neighbour hood and every one was concerned about the other person's suffering and every one who were safe did not stay home but went to the affected areas and helped them in some kind or other even risking their lives. We saw , realized a new Chennai.
Friends the above fact is not exaggeration but truth.
The above fact strengthened our will to fight till the end and get the lelgitimate benefit for the members. Even though our financial position to fight the cases at Madurai is very poor, we got relief from our Counsel, for whom we have lot of dues, charged only 50 % of his fees. Our Chairperson led the collection of funds for the Madurai cases and contributed and collected more than 65000 for legal fund. We started hearing from many of our colleagues in Chennai and other areas, encouraging words.
These things are keeping our morale together and we continue to fight our case.
Our Madurai case for pension updation is likely to come up before the Madurai Division Bench in the month of January 16. and in the 5 years notional credit case the 4 weeks time given to the management is over and we are trying to bring the case at the earliest.
Friends, I have very strong hope that when Chennai has come out of the worst floods which was neven seen in the History, our Association will definitely come out of this Financial crisis at the earliest to continue our struggle in Madurai.
Let us all come together to stringthen our Associaiton by all means.
with regads

Anonymous said...

Sir, all government staff and pensioners are getting pension based on inflation rate why gic staffs has to suffer with no increment in pension and upgrading pension kindly gipsa will consider the case and try to increase pension and help the senior citizen pensioners

Paul jacob said...

Can i Pls have a the emial id for the admistration or the chai of this group.

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