Friday, October 30, 2009

Pension for svr optees with less than 20yrs of service

Dear friends,
The SLP on the payment of proportionate pension for svr optees below 20years of service is being taken up by supreme court and listed for trial on 9th November 2009. Our advocates are following the matter with utmost vigil and we are sure to get a favorable result since we have already won in Division bench of Chandigarh. We are taking all possible steps to take up the 5 years notional credit also with the above case.
National pensioners are put to maximum trouble because of some communication failure on the part of LIC and RBI mumbai and around 53 pensioners are yet to get their ecs for september. Now we have co-ordinated with the Lic officials and all the 53 pensioners will get their cheques of pension for Sep and Oct 2009. within two days.
Our machinary never rests since Service to Pensioners is the prime aim.

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