Sunday, October 11, 2009

Non credit of pension to National for September 09

Dear friends
The non credit of pension to National pensioners is clearly deplorable and that too in the month of festivals. We took up the matter with Head office and also directly with Lic and we are sorting out the problem. Before that i feel that all our friends should know the reason for delay.
Normally these ECS payments are done by Reserve Bank of India and for us it is through State Bank of India and Reserve Bank of India Mumbai. As usual our Kolkatta LIc has sent its list of pensioners who opted for Ecs to RBI in the first week of Sep itself.
You all should know that there are two types of ECS credits. one is banks coming under core banking ( who can operate all accounts through net banking throughout india.) and banks operating on non core banking style ( who have limited access to Computer)
Normally, till september, the LIC is sending the list of pensioners opted for ECS holding account of their pension with both core and non core banks together without any demarcation.

In the meanwhile the RBI Mumbai has sent letter to all the Banks and LIc to submit the list in seperate formats segregating the core and non core bank accounts as they have changed the format in their net working. But this letter came to the notice of LIC only in the first week of October because of the pooja holidays before which the RBI mumbai has rejected the early ecs credit request to lic noting their inability to give credit under ECS due to non submission of the segregated list of core and non core bank accounts of pensioners.
Once we came to know the problem on the 4th of this month, we mounted pressure on Head office and LIC and got sorted out the matter with SBI the credit for all the pensioners who have accounts in State Bank India. Whereas LIC could not convince RBI mumbai. Finally RBI mumbai relented and agreed to give credit to all the pensioners of Mumbai only, irrespective of the Bank whether it is core or non core.

For other states in the country the LIC is now preparing the segregated list of core and noncore bank account holders on war footing and trying to get pension credited atleast by next week.

We have already registered our protest with Head office Kolkata and also with LIc Kolkata and our representatives are in constant touch with Lic Kolkata. We got assurance from Kolkata LIC office to get the present problem solved within next week.

Hence please bear with the delay and don't be frantic in contacting the Kolkata LIc office as it will further delay the process. we have ceased off the matter and will put pressure on LIc to release the pension before the ensuing Deepavali Festival.
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