Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Case at Sup.Court for pensioners with 20yrs less service

Dear Friends,
As informed you earlier the case for SVR Optees with 20yrs less service asking for pension was listed for 9th Nov. 2009 before the Bench Headed by Hon'ble Judge Jain. With due caution Our assn. represented by Sri. Nagarajan Genl.Secty., went to Delhi with our Chennai Adv. Sri.Parthiban on 7th Nov and held a conference with our Sup.Court Advocate Sri. Dayan Krishnan. To our surprise a letter was delivered by M/s Law Associates, Adv. for the Management, which was addressed to the Registrar of Sup.Court requesting him to adjourn the case since they will not be able to attend on that day due to personal reasons. We were very much worried with the attitude of the Management and giving the required line of action to the Sup.Court Advocate came back to Chennai on 8th itself.
On 9th November, in the afternoon when the case was taken up for hearing, we all expected the case to be adjourned. But to our surprise Attorney General Sri.Nanavathi appeared for the management and vehemently argued for the case seeking leave. Since nobody expected Sri Nanavathy to appear for the management, especially when' they ' circulated the letter seeking adjournment, we were taken aback and Sri Nanavathy is of that stature, Judges will grant leave just at the sight of him. God was with us. Fortunately Our Advocate Sri.Dayan Krishnan rose up and objected to the Judge that the minimum basic necessity of circulating the change of Advocates is expected at Supreme Court, and it is a case of Pensioners and Leave should not be granted without hearing our arguments and the final trial should be ordered. Even though the Management made a big show by appointing the costliest advocate spending so much of money for a single appearance Judge did not budge and saw the genuinity in our demand and posted the case for final hearing in Feb.2010. God is with us since our advocate is only a intervener in this case and the main Advocates for the employees were spell bound at the sight of the Attorny General Sri. Vahnavathy and did not speak even a word. Justice prevailed.
Friends, Management will do any thing to stall our enthusiasm and will try to wear us out in finance and perceiverance. We will not budge. We will fight till the last. Come what may.

59 slabs have increased for this quarter and the present point is 3688. We give below the calculation for DA which can be used for finding out whether you have received correct DA increase. The calculation is Your basic pension*(present point ie3688-1740 divided by 4) * 0.0023. This is only for those retired under SVR Scheme.
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