Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dear Friends,
We had our case heard on 25th August 2011 by the Registrar of the Supreme Court and after thorough scruitiny the case was posted to 21st October 2011 giving 4 weeks time for completing the formalities. Two other cases were also tagged with our case from Kolkatka and to our surprise.
Any way we have to patiently wait for the final Trial which we expect to come up during December.

We have taken a concrete and definite step towards solving the pensioner's problem of difference in Pension between retirees of 1986 1992 1997 2002 and 2007. We have filed a case at Madurai and got admitted and the court has ordered issue of Notice to the Management. We feel if we get through this case in our favour we will put to an end to all the problems of the pensioners. We expect full co-operation from all the pensioners and also from the employees who have opted for Pension.

The Reserve Bank of India has given clear cut instructions to the LIC that all the Annuities from Jan 2012 should be released only after getting the Pan No. from the annuitants. Hence we advice all the pensioners to send their PAN no. to the LIC directly with a copy to Head Office. immedietly to avoid stoppage of Pension Cheques.


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Jayakumar said...

There is no clear cut message about the disposal of pension arrears case.Will you kindly inform us the decisionb about the case?