Tuesday, August 16, 2011

jaipur case and further developments

Dear Friends,
The Jaipur case of LIC came up for hearing on 12th Aug and adjourned to 19th August. Whatever may be the decision of the High Court, finality can be achieved only in Supreme court and we expect this to take another year.
Taking cue from the above case, we have filed a petition at Madurai High Court, pleading for the revision of Pension, whenever the Scheme is revised for the regular employees, and it is likely to come up for hearing on 19th of August 2011. We will inform you about the developments.
Organisationally we have spread our wings to Assam. More than 50 people have joined our Association, after our General Secretary visited the place with Arumainathan. The Co-ordination of the Kolkata Unit people Sri. Shamal Banerjee, Anadhi Chatterjee and Aurbindo Ganguly for arranging the meeting and the work they have done for enrolling the members, should be commended. We have now spread to all the 7 Eastern states. The meeting was quite refreshing to them and the response was so positive that we expect more people to join our fight.
Our Pune friends conducted their first General Body meeting at Pune and Our General Secretary was invited as special Guest and accompanied by Sri.E.Rajagopalan, I addressed the meeting. The members were so thankful to us for explaining them the present position of the case and how our Associtation is going to face the management in the Supreme court when it comes up for hearing.
Now we are concentrating on collection of dues towards legal fund and subscription and we appeal to all the members to send their subscription dues and additional legal fund.
with regards


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Nagarajan,
Please keep us posted on Madurai High Court case for revision of pension.

Jayakumar said...

I have a doubt about court taking up the matter immediately, but postpone for further adjounments in order to dilute the force of the retired employees. I like our association to take up the matter with existingnemployees association so that by joining with working employees association the fight will be more effective.It will be a long term gain even for the existing employees.

Jayakumar said...

I agree with Jayakumar and also like to add that the present GIPSA union executives to be taken the support for negotiating with the Managemens.
In future while making the managements to call workers representative even Retirees employee unions can be allwed while passing the demands. All these factors are p[ossible if all our retired employees unions take support of existing employees unions.