Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Dear friends,

We are progressing slowly towards our final show down in the Supreme court case in spite of our earnest efforts to speed up. We are facing hurdles from management and also from vested interests but steadily we are moving towards the end with utmost patience and perseverance. Of course this is not possible without your earnest support for the right cause. We expect the Supreme court to open after vacation on July 7th and we will get our Transfer petition listed after that.

We request your continuous moral and financial support for our earnest attempt to get the denied benefits. We are also going to various places to explain the present position of our case but with little constrain in finance which we are sure that you will support, at the time of need.

We took up the challenge of getting the Med-claim direct payment facility for the retirees covered under Staff Med-Claim in 2004 immediately after the formation of our Association and ofcourse it progressed slowly but steadily we were able to convince GIPSA to entrust the work of formulating a pattern to United India management and after 5 years, we were able to get the same in 2010. Thanks to Sri. Verma DGM, for his bold attitude in implementing the same in United India after a thorough study.

We immediately took up with the other companies and kudos to Sri. Ramdoss CMD who implemented it within 15 days in Oriental and once he took over in New India as CMD he implemented it there also.

National management was bit slow and we met the General Manager Shri. Brahma at Kolkata, with Shri. Pathak DGM, and they were very considerate and wanted to improve the facility and implement, as we requested, the benefit to be on par with the regular employees. We are happy to inform you that Mr. Brahma has kept his word and he has implemented the circular with an additional clause of 50% advance payment, where the Hospitals refuse to accept the facility, subject to other conditions.

We visited New India H.O. during the month of June and had discussions with the Pension Dept. and as well with Sri.K.V.Krishna DGM, (Personal) to sort out the problems of Pensioners, which included one more option for those went out of the Staff Med Claim and Family pensioners who missed payment of premium on the due date.

We had a meeting with the Chief Officer of Life insurance Corporation P & GS, Sri. Satyanandam with the specific agenda to sort out problems faced by Pensioners in getting Form 16 and certificate of total pension received during the year for those who did not come under Income tax. We also complained him about the bouncing of cheques of New India pensioners during the month of April and May, which was sorted out by our interference and inter action with LIC Mumbai and the Bankers. He was apologetic about the happening and assured us to take remedial action. Our main demand of DA payment to Oriental pensioners, who receive by cheque, as and when it is due, was well received and we expect them to take action at least before the next payment in November.

Friends, truthfulness and sincerity will always succeed and we are sure that we will end up only in success.

Please ensure payment of SUBSCRIPTION immediately since that will only keep us going and strengthen our fight for the right cause.

With regards,


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Pankaj Vithlani said...

Happy to note the progress - Please inform whenever dates of case is decided - vithlani - Ahmedabad