Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The expectation of our Association to get the Transfer Petition to be referred to the Court for final hearing, on 17th March 2010, did not materialize and the case is again postponed to 3rd May 2010, since the acknowledgement for serving notice to one of the Mumbai Respondent did not reach the Registrar, even though all the four companies have filed their counter.

Now the Association is concentrating on other issues and we met some of the Members of Parliament and submitted our Memorandum for implementing our Charter of Demands in the ensuing revision of pay scales which is due to the Working employees. We also met the Minister for State for Finance and appraised him about our demands and submitted a Memorandum.

We took up the matter of Mediclaim Direct Payment Facility for National and New india with the concerned Head Office Officials and they have assured to implement in April 2010.

We are also contacting the individual members, by arranging small group meetings at their place of convenience and taking up their grievances with the Management and solving them.

Patience and Perceiverence will always pay.


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A.Sampath said...

The present status of the case at SC is not communicated to our pensioners after the lapse of more than a month.