Saturday, July 18, 2015

Dear friends,
Our Association is spearheading the fight for justice on the Pensioners issue with utmost sincerity and so far we have achieved many things but our main issue of  arrears of pension has been rejected by the Sup.court on an erroneous ground which is to our advantage. So the fight is not yet over and we have chances of getting the case back to Sup.court is more and we are trying for it through the Madurai High court of Madras Bench. Now we are waiting for the action taken report from the Management for which the Court has given time till September.
Many people were down in their morale since the verdict of the Sup.court has gone against us. Please do not let your morale down because we are sure of getting the benefit of 5 years notional credit but also we will have a chance of ourselves heard before the Apex Court. We should never let our morale down since your support is the only boost for the Association whose Office bearers and Executive Committee members are tirelessly working for the end result.
We should never leave any stone un-turned till we get the favorable result.
Another fight we have taken to Court is the permanent cure for the pensioners' problem, which is pension updation for all. L I C pensioners are ahead of us and they have taken it to Sup.Court under the able leadership of Shri Asthana and it is coming up for final hearing in September Third Week. No other Pensioners Association has taken the task of getting the pension updation in our General Insurance Industry but for us. With a loud thinking we filed a case in Madurai and the case is now in the Division Bench waiting to be heard.
We are waiting for the case of LIC which will have bearing on our case and if LIC wins we have the right to ask for the pension updation thru court forcing the management to pay us.
We are taking all decisions only after due consultation with our Executive Committee and taking sincere advises from the learned counsels and retired judges.
We only need your support in our endeavor to fight for the just cause for pensioners.
Win or loose we will fight till end.
Our only appeal to all of you is wait with patience and do not loose heart. Also support us with finance
as the cost of fighting the cases is exorbitant but we have no other way since the Management and the unions are not supporting us.
Please pay your uptodate subscriptions and donate liberally for the Association.
with regards



DR.LAXMAN PRASAD Gupta said...

Thanks for updates. We support you whole heartedly. Whenever you have given call we have contributed. Pl.give a general call for contribution for specific amount & we hope
all who are connected would contribute.

Kamalakannan S said...

Kindly refer my letter dated ___________ seeking your intervention for a decision to extend 5 years’ notional benefit to me in terms of the judgment of Honorable Supreme Court dated 07/01/2015 passed in Transfer Petition Nos._T.C.Nos.7/2010 and 48/2010
I have not heard anything from your benign self. I would also like to bring to your kind attention the order passed by the Honorable Madras High Court in W.P. Nos.6435/205, 6436/2015, 6437/2015 and 6438/2015 giving 4 months’ time to the Companies to pass an order on the representations.
Under the circumstances, we implore upon you to call for the papers, examine the issues and order
Extending of 5 years notional benefit in calculating pensionary benefits of employees retired under SVRS 2004, as per the orders of Honorable Supreme Court.
To calculate and release arrears of pension from the date of retirement of employees including Commutation value.
You may kindly appreciate that about 9000 employees who have opted for Voluntary Retirement under SVRS 2004 Scheme are languishing with a meager pension amount in the present inflationary pressures. Extending the notional benefit, as ordered by the Honorable Supreme Court, will mitigate to a great extent the hardships faced by the retirees, who are eagerly awaiting for such relief in the twilight of their life- span. For such an act of kindness I will ever remain grateful.


Copy to:
1. The Secretary, Government of India, Banking & Insurance Division, Ministry of Finance, New Delhi.
2. PMO, New Delhi.

RavindraKondebettu said...

Thanks for update & information. We pay our annual subscription immediately and await for your appeal for additional fund/donations & it will be honored immediately to fight for the justice. We appreciate your zeal and sincere efforts and much obliged for this & we all are with you.

Arvind Kumar Chaudhry,Dehradun said...

Sir what is the latest position of your case regarding payment of pension to SVRS employees having less than 20 years of service. Please reply