Friday, December 13, 2013

Dear friends,
We are extremely sorry for not updating the blog. We were so busy with preparing statistics to be given to the Counsel at his request and also continuous travel to Delhi every week took our energy out. Let me appraise you the happenings after our Oct 24 th hearing.

After October 24 th the case was posted to 13th November, when our case was no.1 listed for the day, to our disappointment the second judge Shri Chellameshwar was not well and he was replaced by Shri Kurian Joseph that day. Even though we were well prepared for the case we had the apprehension whether we should go for the trial or seek adjournment. since if this case is heard by this bench the same bench should hear if the case is not finished the same day and it is most likely that it will continue for the second day also as there are 3 petitioners and 3 Respondents to give their arguments. Hence we went to the court with lot of apprehensions in our mind and to our advantage judges themselves asked us whether the case can be concluded the same day and we told them our inability quoting the reasons stated above. After due consultations within themselves they adjourned it to 27th Nov.
We went to Delhi on 23rd itself and had conference with the Senior Counsel in the morning as the counsel would not be able to be present on 26th to have conference.  By that time we finished we got information that the counsel for the Respondents Adv.Andhi Arjuna was appointed as Amicus Curie for the Coal block case and the case is listed for 27th and management advocate would seek  adjournment.
Hence we waited till 26th, when the mentioning for adjournment will be taken, and we opposed vehemently stating that we are pensioners and many people have lost their lives even without seeing the light of the case and the Respondents are taking adjournment for the sixth time. But since the appointment was by the Supreme Court themselves we could not do anything more, but we wanted to have the case on 5th December or 11th December. but the judges refused and asked us to get it in January 14 after the Christmas vacation (Bet.17th Dec and 3rd Jan). Hence we stayed in Delhi for one more day and after consultation with all the partied the case is now listed for 8th January 14.

Friends, Just imagine our plight. Of the above happenings nothing is in our hands. In spite of our full efforts it has been postponed to 8th Jan 14. Only God should interfere and help us in this and once the case comes for trial we are sure to impress upon the Bench and come victorious with the help of the Almighty. One advantage in these happenings is that we had 4 to 5 conferences with the Senior counsel and he is now thorough with our case and we could prepare well for the case.

We would again appeal to one and all that please send your contribution to the Association and strengthen our finance. We are also glad to see the comments for the Blog and while appreciating the participation we would also request you to give your identity and not as anonymous. You all know the value of Anonymous letters.
with regards


parveen garg said...

we really appreciate the relentless efforts being put in contesting this case by our leaders.we are grateful to them for providing details of the happenings through this blog. we assure them of our support in all respect

Kamalakannan S said...

All the very best.
kamalakannan.s. OIC Thiruvallur

viewer said...

Dear Mr.Nagarajan,

I can understand that our team is busy with Court matters. Hence I have been keeping the members posted with SC developments regarding the date and likelihood of it's being taken up as you will appreciate that members are ever eager to know the developments on day to day basis. I thought that information is more important rather than name. However, hereinafter, I shall append my name also.

Rajesh Kumar Agrawal

Anonymous said...

Dear friends,
Our case slated to be listed for 8th January 2014 is unlikely to figure in tomorrow's list. Possibly because Hon'ble Justice Gokhale heading the Bench which was to take up the matter is not figuring in tomorrow's list. We shall have to patiently wait for next date.

Rajesh Agrawal

RavindraKondebettu said...

Hearty congratulations. I appreciate association leaders sincere and hard work in succeeding & winning the case.All the best & many many thanks.Happy new Year 2014 & Happy Sankramana.

RavindraKondebettu said...

Many many Congratulations for great success. We appreciate & hats off to your sincere and hard work for benefit of co-svrs optees. All the best.Happy new year.

ruk said...


Did the case was listed on 8th Jan,2014 or next date was given. If next Date was given kindly let us know the date.