Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Med Claim Policy Introduction

Dear friends,
Our request for improvements in the new medclaim floater policy along with the Unions and Associations have forced the Management to defer the introduction of the same till Septembers 2013. The GM's of all the four companies will consult and finalise the improvements. Let us wait. Pensioners who have already given the cheques can get back the same from the respective offices.
with regards


Anonymous said...

I would like to appreciate for the efforts you have taken. Many people would like to know
1.) what are the latest developments going on for svr supreme court case.
2.) month of implementation of new mediclaim policy.

V.P. Grover

Jayakumar said...

Will NISVRREA arrange to let us know whether SVRS employees pension revision has be decided by the APEX court after much delay for 10 years and can we the living retirees to know and enjoy the eligible 2002 wage revision benefit befor our life ends?