Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dear friends, DATE:25/02/12
Our case at supreme court came up for hearing on 24th Feb 12 and the Registrar has adjourned it to 12 th April and instructed the Department to send reminders to the High courts and get the service of notice completed and report back on 12 th April. We have got the full details of the Respondents whose notice is pending in different High courts. We are also following up the matter and trying to get them served so that in April we will get our case sent for listing.

National insurance company has loaded the medical premium by 90% and also allowed increase or decrease of coverage. We are also contacting the other Head offices to follow the same. We are also insisting the GIPSA to give one more option for the Retirees to come into the Staff Mediclaim scheme. We hope to get a favorable response.

We will be visiting the Head office of National insurance during March and trying to get back the facility of Benefit Member in the Natinsure Mutual Benefit Society for the Retirees.

We have asked for an appointment with the Chairman GIPSA and waiting for his consent to discuss the problems faced by Retirees.

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mahendran said...

thank you for your update

Anonymous said...

Please post the developments at SC on 12th April's hearing. What is the next date?