Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Dear Friends,
Our Association took up the cause of fighting the case for SVR OPTEES and in continuation of the same our office bearers under the leadership of our General Secretary went on a whirlwind tour of the country, just to explain the need of oneness among ourselves and for strengthening the finance of our Association.

The one point agenda was to explain the Retirees and SVR optees about the need to come together and fight the final battle with all Strength and determination. In the process, we were successful in getting more members and also an understanding among Retirees that our Association is the ONLY ONE among many Retirees Association to project the cause of Retirees with utmost sincerety either with the Management or the Government.

We have invited representatives from all over the country to attend the General body meeting on 27th Feb 2011 and almost all have confirmed their participation.

We expect DGM of New India and RM of National to participate and grace the occassion.

May God be with us in all our actions and inactions in getting our legitimate demands.



RavindraKondebettu said...

Hi Dear Nagarajan,
We are very much thankful to you for your recent visit to Hubli and highlighting us all, about the present position of the fight for justice. We appreciate your untiring efforts, zeal and sincerity in your commitment. On my personal and on behalf of we all I sincerely thank you once again and promise you our best possible support.
Wishing the General body meeting all the best,
With warm regards and best wishes of "Maha Shivaratri"
Yours, Ravindra Kondebettu. @ Chikodi on 25.02.2011

Jayakumar said...

Dear SVRS optees.
You are aware that all of us are eligible for the pension benefits of the revision of 2002.It is laready eight years that our pensions to be revised w.e.f 1/4/2004, our association has to move the court quickly and get the benefits at the earliest.Pl enlighten us the latest developments.
S.Jayakumar Bengaluru