Saturday, July 11, 2009


Dear friend
The review before the Regtr. of sup.court came up on 10th July and the good news is that the management has responded and all the notices were served and only the notice served to finanace ministry is not acknowledged. Hence we are taking all necessary steps to get the same done at the earliest. Now the Case is posted to 13th August and we hope to get a date for hearing on that day. We are alert and trying maximum best to bring the case for early hearing.

The initial effort we have made and the successful implementation of direct payment facility in United India has forced the other companies to follow suit and we are presssing them to the maximum extent to get the work done at the earliest. One such effort has become fruit ful in Oriental and the Management of Oriental was kind enough to pass the note and now it is left to the technical department to prepare the circular and we expect the same within a weeks time.

We also spoke to the management of National and New India and National has completed the process of discussion and preparation of note is in progress. New india will never lag behind and we expect them to follow suit.
Any sincere efforts will bear fruit. and ours is one such . HAIL NISVREA.11/07/09

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A.Sampath said...

please publish the 13th august supreme court case outcome.