Thursday, April 30, 2009

our transfer petition

Our transfer petition came up for hearing on 27th april 2009 before the Registrar and the service of notices is delayed further and hence the next review will be on 10th July2009. most likely the last one.
We have some good news through Bank employees' case where they have fought for the notional credit of 5 years to all those who completed 20 years of service and went on SVRS and won the case at Supreme court.
Many points quoted by the Hon'ble judges will be helpful in our case when it is heard.
Let us pray for early hearing and disposal by Sup. Court.


A.Sampath said...

will you please publish the details of case won by the bank employees at supreme court

Pankaj Vithlani said...

For the information of all

SC Judgement in Civil Appeal No.1942 of 2009 - Bank employees who opted for voluntary retirement in the year 2000 and who had already opted for pension, were denied the benefit of addition to qualifying service in terms of Pension Regulations. The said denial came by way of enactment of an amendment retrospectively to Pension Regulations.

The aggrieved VRS optees knocked the doors of the judiciary. Supreme Court after calling for all the cases pending in various High Courts in India, decided the Civil Appeal No.1942 of 2009 (arising out of SLP No.8050/2006) alongwith Civil Appeal Nos. 1943 to 1957 of 2009. The Division Bench comprising Justice RM Lodha and Justice DK Jain vide order dated 27th March 2009, held that that the employees who had completed 20 years of service and were pension optees and offered voluntary retirement under VRS 2000 and whose offers were accepted by the banks are entitled to addition of five years of notional service in calculating the length of service for the purposes of that Scheme as per Regulation 29(5)of the Pension
Regulations, 1995. The contrary view expressed by some of the High Courts do not lay down the correct legal position.