Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our case at Sup.court.

Our case on Transfer petition came up for hearing on 17th oct 2008, before Hon'ble Justice Kabir and Justice Katju, in Court no. 9, for admission. We were represented by Sri.Nageswra rao Senior advocate with Sri Dayan Krishnan, Parthiban, Goutham and Nikhil Nayyar advocates. The judge initially asked us whether all the petitions mentioned in the list were of NISVREA and our Advocate responded positively and the next question was whether the amount was paid or not? and our counsel said no and continued with the explanation that the amount pertaining to clause 6 of the Svr Scheme has not been paid and the judge after making some clarifications decided to send notice to the Management and asked us to petition for stay of the proceedings in the other High courts.
We made arrangements to petition for stay in supreme court and also made all the documents available for the supreme court to send the notice to all the management on 17th itself.
Friends the first ordeal is over and God has helped us in doing so and we are now awaiting for the Management and Union of india to reply and for the date of next hearing. Let us all pray the Almighty to help us in this most crucial step and we expect your full co opearation.

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