Thursday, October 30, 2008

The main purpose of forming this Organisation, to fight the Management and get our legitimate arrears of Salary and other benefits for the period we have actually worked, is coming to the climax, as we have filed our Transfer petition at Supreme Court on 7th of July,2008.. Let us retrace our path from 2004 through which we have come here.

27th Feb 2004 On the idea of forming an association upon the release of SVRS We called interested members and had a meeting with the
participation of ICICI bank, LIC, Sundaram Finance and Post office representatives giving their offer of plans for investments
30th March 2004 More than 100 members from National decided to invest in Post
Office and opened zero balance account with ICICI, for issuance of DD without commission to Post office.
31st March 2004 Post office Agent from pondy came to Chennai and opened PMIS
Account and paid 2.5% commission on the spot to members and the Money disbursed crossed 20 lacs
21st July 2004 The first meeting of around 90 members was held at Hotel Wood lands and the Name of the Association was approved for registration. The following Office bearers were elected to run the Association.being 1) Chair-person.A.G.Gajapathy,2) President V.Ravishanker 3)Working president S.Ponraj 4)Vice-Presidents P.Vasanthsenan and S.Chandra Mouli 5)General Secretary V.A.Nagarajan 6)Joint Secretaries. V.Padmanaban and S.Sridhar 7)Treasurer M.K.Murali.8)Committee members V.C.Anandeeswaran S.Ramadorai. K.M.Swaminathan Dr.C.Murugesan. M.C.Saklecha and Murali mohan.
1st Feb 2005 Association was registered and the number being 05/2005

Bet.May and Visited Hyderabad. Bangalore and Kolkata to help our members
July 2005 get their GSLIP benefit and 100% of our members got their

31st Aug 2005 Decision taken to admit other subsidiary members and collect RS.1500 for legal fund with 200/- for yearly membership subscription, to fight the management if the ensuing Pay Revision scheme goes against us
10th October 2005 A committee was formed to attend to legal matters

Bet 12th Oct and Visited Delhi, met GIPSA officials and Finance Ministry Officials 30th Nov to ascertain the details of the proposed scheme and fix advocate if
A petition has to be moved in Sup.Court.
17th Dec 2005 General body meeting of the members decided to file case at
Supreme Court and try to invoke article 14 of the Constitution
on equality before law We also extended the executive committee with the following representatives 1)Dr. E.Rajagopalan 2)Dr.Stephen Raj 3)Mr. Nagabooshanam 4)Vijayaraghavan 5)Rajan 6) Raman 7) Balasubramanian 8)Radha Krishnan 9) Viswanthtan 10)Hari Krishnan 11)Manivannan

25the Dec 2005 Scheme was released with the negative class of nonpayment of
Arrears to SVR optees

Jan 2006 Toured Orissa, Kolkata and Mumbai for mobilization of members

Feb 2006 Filed SLP at Sup.Court throu petition 42/of 2006 Shri Nageswara
Rao Senior Counsel argued on our behalf on13th feb 2006 and
Hon.Justice Mr.S.B.Sinha allowed the withdrawal of the
petition with the advice to come through high court channel.
2nd march 2006 Executive committee decided to file cases in different High courts
and then move Transfer petition at Sup Court and the places were
Chennai Kolkata Karnataka Bhubaneswar Mumbai Kerala
Ahmedabad and Chandigarh

4th Feb 2006 Annual General body Meeting was held and resolution sanctioning Independent functioning of Branches passed.

31st May 2006 Met GIPSA Chairman Shri. Ramdoss at Delhi and discussed about extending Medical facilities on par with the working employees.
Requested to expedite the payment of RBS uniformly in all the units.

Till Dec 2006 Representatives went to Madurai, Salem, Tanjore, Coimbatore and Bangalore to explain the members about the Developments. Our team went to Kolkata to speed up the case and had discussion with the Senior Advocate Sri.Parthasarathy Sengupta and appointed him for our case if it comes up for hearing.

Feb 2007 to Held several meetings at Chennai to keep up the Tempo and finally
Sep 2007 decided to move Transfer Petition at Supreme Court.

Dec.2007 The historic month – we could get the landmark judgement from Himachal Pradesh on Writ Petition filed by Mr. Kuldip Singh Raina in our favor and also the judgement from Gujarat where the petition was dismissed by the lower Court. We went for appeal on both the cases after getting the approval from both the Petitioners. And this set the ball rolling and without waiting for Kolkata petition we decided to go to Delhi and speed up the Transfer petition at Supreme Court

Jan 2008 to We under took extensive tour to Kerala, Karnataka, Kolkata,
June 2008 Bhubaneswar, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi to finalise the preparation for the filing of Transfer Petition.


Pankaj Vithlani said...

Sir, this is good approach to inform about the activities of the NISVRREA , but what is the use of it if it is not updated ??? Kindly update this with Supreme Court Case details - Regards - Vithlani

Rakesh Kapoor said...

Kindly inform your outout in monetary terms